About Kenzee Cares

Kenzee Cares is a non profit organization that has been created to honor Kenzee’s legacy. Makenzee Cupp was known by most as Kenzee, who was the kindest soul and showed her compassion for others through food. She loved being raised on our family farm, where we grew a lot of our own food. She was weeks away from graduating at the top of her culinary class. Kenzee had so many incredible dreams and ideas that she was just about to manifest. A negligent driver on his phone, ended that for all of us March 1st.
To honor Kenzee, we had to bring some of her dreams of helping others to life. Her parents built a commercial kitchen on the family farm to create and manufacture her products. A portion of the proceeds goes back to kenzeecares.org to be able to continue to feed people through our Bless A Meal program. We also hope to educate and bring awareness of the distraction of cell phones while driving. So many lives have been taken from families, that are changed forever. Nothing on your phone is worth taking someone’s life.