Kenzee cared.
We care. Do you?

Putting compassion in action to help others.

Helping families as Kenzee would have.

Kenzee Cares is a dual purpose non-profit organization created in honor of Kenzee’s legacy.  Our goals are feeding people and bringing awareness of cell phone distractions while driving.

With your support, Kenzee Cares will be able to grow our Bless A Meal Program. This program blesses others with a home cooked meal, from our kitchen to yours, made with love.

Kenzee Cares also wants to bring awareness of cell phone distractions while driving in honor of Makenzee Cupp.  She was killed by a negligent driver on his phone and lives were changed forever.  We want to prevent this heartbreak and devastation from happening to other families.  Nothing on your cell phone is worth someone’s life.

The Southwest Kansas FFA District members packaged over 23,000 meals in honor of former FFA district officer Makenzee Cupp, who’s passion was feeding people.